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Chałupy, Półwysep Helski

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Brak turnusów

Special camp for active teenagers!

What's KIDZ Camp?

If you like healthy and sporty recreation, great fun with a lot of attractions and polishing your English at the same time, then this seaside camp is perfect for you. In a week’s agenda, you will find 24 hours of trainings led by theme instructors and 2 hours a day dedicated to practical English language skills development.

Apart from the all-embracing training and language classes, we offer advancing your general form. You will be benefiting from all the seaside attractions of the Camp, taking every chance to communicate in English.

After the morning fitness training – team games within the base area ! Not only will you improve your form on the seaside and forest jogging paths, but you will also develop your language skills. You will be able to practice motor coordination during basic kitesurfing, Longboard, Trick Board, Wake Board and Stand Up Paddling trainings. We offer you everything what is connected with effective learning through having fun, not to mention sunbathing on the beautiful Baltic beach. Additionally, volunteers are welcomed to take part in a sailing experience. Adventure, here we come! :)

The remaining time will be filled by beach volleyball, basketball, football, karaoke and movie evenings. We also remember that you enjoy bonfires with grilled sausages, competitions and sports Olympics – there will also be no shortage of these.

Framework day plan

Framework timetable

7:45 – 8:00 Wake-up and morning routine
8:00 – 8.25 Warm-up
8.30 – 8:50 Breakfast buffet
9.15 – 13.00 Check-in and sports activities
14.00 Served lunch
14.30 – 15.30 In-base chill
15.30 – 18.30 Snack and language classes
19.00 Served dinner – hot meal
19.30 – 21.30 Lounge and recreational activities
22.00 – 8.00 Night’s rest

The agenda includes:

Sports activities

Classes devoted to shaping particular motor skills by attending various trainings and games.

Recreational activities

Various games, camp championships, trekking, jogging, trips exploring recreational values of the area, sunbathing, swimming, etc.

Language classes

Devoted to shaping practical language skills: role-playing activities, puns, useful conversations, etc.

Lounge activities

Board games, movie shows, discos, campfire organization, karaoke, developing your interests, etc.

Note: according to the weather conditions, there is a possibility to adjust our day schedule to the current situation, eg. arrange other sports or recreational activities such as sailing regatta or all-day trips.

Brak turnusów

Brak turnusów

Cena zawiera
  • 📢Agenda implementation

  • 🏨Accommodation in the Board and Kite base (7 nights)

  • Catering (Full Board)

  • Instructors and teaching-staff care

  • Accident Insurance package

  • Souvenir T-Shirt

  • Professional equipment required to implement the agenda is included in the price

Nie zawiera (obowiązkowe)
  • Facilities not included in this offer, eg. bike trip to Hel, Aquapark and Ropes Course expedition

Nie zawiera (fakultatywne)

Practical information

What you need to know?

The agenda will be fully implemented and the sequence will be established by the camp staff according to the weather and psychophysical aptitudes of the participants. All the activities will be conducted with relevant security measures and under the instructors’ supervision.

It is necessary to have: student ID, a raincoat and a warm sweater (or a fleece), track suit, swimsuit, at least two pairs of sports shoes, a headgear, sunglasses and sunscreen products, two towels, toiletries, warm pyjamas and other thing which make you feel comfortable on a holiday trip and you would like to have them on the Camp :)

Accident Insurance package (NNW)

Allianz SA

Teaching-staff care

English-speaking trainers and instructors, as well as school teaching-staff.